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Still more pages for artists and art-related businesses can be found at our ArtSpace bulletin board and at A Yuletide Arts Faire 2004.

About this list: This list began with links to authors, artists and small businesses we've met and worked with personally or have come to know through our network of creative friends. As the list grows, I find it necessary to impose some guidelines. For now, I am limiting the list to New Mexico-based creative artists and art-related businesses and organizations. While it is a given that everyone is trying to sell or promote something on the Web, some sites are more commercial than others and I do exclude the more commercial ones. If a site is full of moving banners, pop-up ads or still ads promoting unrelated products and services; or if it is primarily a product list in generic format, I probably will not include it. The sites I want to include are those which are visually pleasing, provide multiple examples of the artists' work, and offer background information about the artists and their projects. In other words, if the site is offered in the spirit of sharing, and not just selling, it should be suitable for this list. Send me your link   --Zelda

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