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CastleLark Home is a service of Studio Z, multi-media arts of Albuquerque, NM. Here you will find the answer to the question: What is Castle Lark?
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Studio Z   This link takes you to the extensive Web site of Studio Z, multi-media arts, featuring biographies of owners Zelda Leah Gatuksin and Frank G. Johnson, an on-line catalogue for Zelda's books and collages, and more.

Hosted Websites

Enchanters Chorus
This is the legacy site for the Enchanters Chorus of Albuquerque. There will be a link to their current site at the top of the home page.

Lucretia Tippit
Lucretia Tippit, Ph.D., is a retired award-winning high school Spanish teacher, and author of two books, The Pageant Unveiled and Miracle in Chicavasco.

Shirazi Counseling
Behjat Shirazi, MA, LPCC works with children and adolescents, families, including those with same gender parents, individual adults and couples.

The Wild Flame Project
To create expressions of Beauty and Truth that inspire people, encourage reflection, and perhaps promote a desire to take action on behalf of each other and our Earth.

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