M&J's Sanitary Tortilla Factory, Albuquerque, NM

There are ~600 posters left of an edition of 1000. The negatives have long since disappeared, so there won't be any more like that after they sell out. Posters sold through this website will be signed by the artist before shipping.

Plein-air artist VeeKee Eha captures the flavor of an Albuquerque institution, M&J's Sanitary Tortilla Factory
South Second St., Albuquerque NM

Poster Available!
18" X 24"
printed at 200dpi on 140 lb. paper

Makes an excellent super-sized postcard (heavy paper stock, scene identification printed on back) for the writer with much to communicate.

$50.00 includes 7-day shipping by Parcel Post to anywhere in the continental USA, including a Delivery Confirmation and Special Handling. Additional shipping charge for international destination.

e-mail VeeKee

Albuquerque watercolorist VeeKee Eha is probably best known for her painting in plein-air, meaning on location. Since 1985, she repeatedly appears painting outdoors at Downtown locations and inside Popejoy Hall on New Mexico Symphony Orchestra occasions. She capitalizes on the dry environment in New Mexico to paint quickly with watercolors in successive layers of colors. She refers to her scenery watercolor portrait-paintings as "contemporary impression" and "still-life animation." VeeKee, originally of Cincinnati, Ohio, began making watercolors while a student of painter Georg Rauch in Jalisco, Mexico in 1984. View VeeKee's paintings at the Art is Okay Gallery in Albuquerque, or e-mail to make an appointment to discuss commissions.

Performance Art by VeeKee Eha

New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
"New Mexico Symphony Orchestra"
VeeKee Eha, 2003

Just a Peace Rally, 2005, watercolor by VeeKee Just a Peace Rally, 2005
by VeeKee Eha
watercolor, 12"x16"

"I would be proud if anyone copied this image. (E-mail to request a high res. file). The original piece is for sale at $300, plus USA shipping, plus sales tax to support New Mexico-- i argue." --VeeKee

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